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GO Spectrum Northwest provides environmental services, hazardous material management, and construction management during the project development and construction phase.

Throughout the Pacific Northwest region, public agencies and private companies continuously use sustainable practices to enhance the natural landscape, improve the infrastructure, and develop our communities.

Our Missions

Provide simple and cost-effective solutions to complex problems

Our Missions

Preserve community using safe and environmentally compliant methods

Why GO Spectrum?



Business is not just business. It is a long-term partnership with clients. We are not satisfied by providing only good customer service.

We offer the best customer experience.



A closer relationship with our clients puts us in a better position to hear feedback, observe changing preferences, and make quick decisions to adapt to volatile market demands.

We create tailor-made solutions.



We have more than 35 years of experience in providing efficient and innovative solutions to complex environmental problems to a broad range of clients, including commercial, industrial, and government agencies.

We understand your needs.



Lower overhead costs allow us to price our services better. Fewer expenses lead to more resources going directly into our operation; less means more to provide to our clients.

You get more for less.

Our Services

Environmental Investigation And Remediation

Due Diligence Environmental Site Assessments

Hazardous Material Investigation And Remediation

Environmental Compliance And Sustainability Services

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